Designer Christopher Palu is no stranger to the runway!  You may remember him and his amazing designs on season 10 of “Project Runway.”  He also appeared on “Project Runway All Stars” season 3, where he finished fourth.  Before becoming a Project Runway star, he attended the Fashion Institute of Technology and interned at Vera Wang and assisted at ELLE magazine!  After graduating, he jumped right into the fashion world as a shoe designer for Sam Edelman and shortly after is when his star shined bright on the Project Runway platform!  Having that platform and talent is key to becoming a star and a designer we all remember!

Fashion star Christopher Palu presented his current collection on the Fashion Week El Paseo Runway on March 21st and he took those watching to the dark sexy side.   Many of his pieces that hit the runway featured beautiful black lace and sheer fabrics with leather and buckle accents that were chic, show-stopping, and HAUTE!   Christopher heated things up even more by adding heavy beautifully colored fur coats over the sexy sheer creations that are sure to keep you warm during those fancy dinner parties.  All in all, his collection was too hot to handle, but has us coming back for more!

All photography by: Mikhail Veter

Designer Christian Cowan unveiled his Fall/Winter ’17 collection, hitting the NYFW runway for the very first time on February 9th.   Although this was his first appearance on the runway at NYFW, he is no stranger to the fashion world, as he has dressed many well-known fashionistas like Lady GAGA,  Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande.  You might even remember his recent appearance on America’s Next Top Model.  He was sure to impress, and he did!

The London College of Fashion graduate turned the runway into a glittery array of fantasy land with his cropped tops, mesh embellished fish net body suits, and shiny star covered fashions!   The collection was fun, unique, head turning, and brought you back to the 90’s with the pink eyeshadow, reminiscent of a favorite fashion icon, Barbie, all  with a rebel twist that incorporated glittered stamped marijuana leafs that left you HIGH on FASHION!

To top off the feel good fashions that slayed its first appearance, Paris Hilton, the Queen of Fashion, was on hand serving up the onlookers by strutting down the runway in a gorgeous avant-garde silver gown with layers of cascading, oversized silver mirrored confetti saucers, all decked out with a large tiara on her head.

Christian’s first runway show was a “HUGE HIT” and we can’t wait to see what he brings to the runway next season!  He is sure to throw another amazing runway party, with confetti and “High” Fashion on hand, that all will want to attend!

All photography by: Arun Nevader -Facebook: Arun Nevader




While Storm NIKO shut down all of New York City, Designer David Tupaz heated things up on the runway inside Madison Square Garden, mesmerizing a sold out arena with his Fall/Winter ’17 collection on February 9th with Style Fashion Week.    Nothing was going to stop fashion lovers from seeing the much-anticipated collection, not even a blizzard!  The show must go on…and it did!  Each of David’s day-to-night creations that graced the runway were unique, classic, feminine, and eye-catching!   He incorporated bold optical illusions into his collection, which had the power to attract the gaze and put those watching in a visual trance!

Black and white fashion is always right and there is something fascinating about it!   It’s clean, simple, figure-flattering, modern, cool, organized, assertive and always a style statement that can be paired with almost anything.   David gave us timeless and beautiful silhouettes of monochrome fashions that will be a true staple in every fashionista’s closet.  The high contrast looks put on that runway is hard to put into words,  but I know chic when I see it!

David Tupaz is a shining star and is a sure standout with all of his current and past creations.  You can see his love and passion for fashion in the designs he displays on and off the runway.  Some of his famous clients include  William and Elizabeth Shatner, Alan and Tanya Thicke, Patti Austin, Trisha Simmons, Jane Seymour, Mitzi Kapture, Lisa Rinna, Kris Kardashian Jenner, Etta James, Christine Baranski, Julia Roberts, Goldie Hawn, Kate Hudson, Mariel Hemingway, Rain Pryor, Kelly LeBrock, Bo Derek, Cheryl Ladd, Annette Bening and Tracy Hamilton just to name a few.


All photography by: Mark D. Gunter

Title: The High Calling of Motherhood

Author: Chimene Shipley Dupler

Publisher: Ambassador International

Pre-order your own copy of The High Calling of Motherhood at major retailers including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Ambassador’s online retail store  {use code “HighCalling” entered at time of purchase for a 10% pre-order discount}.  It releases on Mother’s Day!

When I started reading The High Calling of Motherhood, I thought to myself where was this book four years ago, before having my first child?  No one can ever prepare you for this calling of taking on new life that you are completely responsible for!  Everyone always jokes around saying “I wish these kids would have come with an owners manual!”  Well HERE IT IS!   Do know though, Chimene doesn’t tell you how to raise or take care of your children, she simply offers guidance where guidance is needed by encouraging mothers to open their hearts to Christ and to raise children to do the same.  Motherhood is a gift from heaven and a calling that Christ has called upon us!  It’s our jobs to fulfil that obligation!

For me, the hardest thing I have ever done in life was become a mom!  I fell victim to the same traps that Chimene points out in her book and as a result gained insecurities, which ultimately led to my post pardon depression.  This is why I wish I  this book was given to me four years ago.  It may have saved my sanity and I would have looked at motherhood in a complete different way.

Chimene does an amazing job reminding us of our special gift and encourages all mothers to not look outside the home, compare and compete with others, as one should focus on creating memories and world-changers from the lessons given by the perfect parent and perfect child in God the Father and His Son Jesus.

I highly encourage and recommend this book to all moms, new moms and soon to-be moms!  It’s a great outline on what to expect by offering  encouragement all while challenging you to live up to your high calling as a mother.  Motherhood is precious, but holds a huge responsiblity of shaping the hearts and minds of our young that will ultimately impact what our future holds.  Mothers were given the control and power, from God himself, when it comes to our future to mold and raise world-changers that as we know will impact future generations!   Are you up for the challenge?

Every day a blogger/author will be posting a review on their blog/website. If you follow along and take part in the tour, you have a chance to WIN!! Check out how you can follow and WIN! The winner will get to choose between a custom-made “World Changer” necklace by The Giving Keys or two tickets to attend the Passion4Moms Conference being held in DC, May 5-6, 2017.

To learn more about Chimene and her ministry, go to



Malan Breton kicked off Style Fashion Week with a bang on February 9th, at Madison Square Garden, setting a romantic tone with live performances showcasing his Fall/Winter ’17 couture collection, all while paying tribute to America’s trying times.

The runway show opened with an interracial couple, a gay couple and a lesbian couple ballroom dancing to a beautiful romantic song.  Following the performance, famous model Nykhor, a refugee from Sudan, opened the show wearing a showstopper, silver, off-the-shoulder, long-sleeve, shimmering gown!  Jaws dropped as she gracefully sparkled on by, down the runway!    Those watching were thinking how can Malan top this with the rest of his collection, still yet to hit the runway?  Let’s just say, he didn’t disappoint!

The male and female models slayed the runway in everything black, grey, silver and sepia colors that were unique and not expected, as Malan is known for sparking our interest with his use of bold colors when creating his masterpieces.  Malan’s whole purpose of the collection was to let those wearing the pieces be the light and bring color to the runway!  The pieces in the collection represented hope symbolizing acceptance of diversity and giving all women a platform to have their voices be heard!   All in all, a killer performance and collection!

Model Mason Grammer modeling Malan Breton fashions on Runway for Style Fashion Week at Madison Square Garden

 “Wherever you go — shine!” – Malan Breton


All photography by: Mark D. Gunter

Producer: Style Fashion Week




Title: Love Him Anyway-Finding HOPE in the Hardest Places

Author: Abby Banks

Publisher: Ambassador International

Release Date: February 21st 2017 in paperback at all major retailers including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and

Ambassador International blog tour for an awe-inspiring book of hope,  “Love Him Anyway”, written by Abby Banks.

This is an incredible story of a little boy named Wyatt, written by his mother Abby.  Abby takes the reader on a real life journey sharing her son’s story of going to bed a happy and healthy 7 month old and waking up paralyzed, not by a fall or accident, but by what they later find out was the result of a non-curable rare autoimmune disease that attacked his spinal cord in less than 24 hours period.

“Love Him Anyway” was hard to put down and for that reason I ended up reading the entire book (yes all 225 pages) in one sitting.   Make sure you grab your tissues, you will be shedding tears along with Abby as she gets into great detail about her own personal struggles of the many heartbreaking moments her son endured to the big/small victories her son achieved.   She opens up about her faith and remained faithful even when life seemed unfair.  This was not her plan, this was God’s plan, a plan that she reluctantly realized was greater than her own good!

This is A MUST-READ book as it’s a great reminder that everyday is a gift and not to take one second for granted, even on your most difficult days!  There will always be a lesson learned and a light shining at the end of the tunnel, even when you don’t understand or see it for what it is worth. The Bank’s family’s struggle and nightmare ends up being a true gift/miracle from God meant to be shared with the world around them and they do just that by “Loving Him Anyways!”   When reading this book you will feel a real connection to this family!!!!

 I highly recommend this read, it’s a story that will open your heart up to the wonderful world that surrounds you:  Love harder, give more hugs and say I love you to those that might not hear it enough!

Abby Banks:
Twitter: @fightlikewyatt 
Instagram: @fightlikewyatt

You can also purchase Love Him Anyway through Ambassador International’s online store and use the coupon code “LoveHim” for a 10% discount


You can also enter to win a free signed copy below. The winner will be announced March 2nd at

Win a signed copy of Love Him Anyway!


There’s no right way to do Valentine’s Day…but we all know having a great outfit for the day/night is key in celebrating with your partner or with the girls! Whether you are staying in catching a movie with the Bae or going out on the town with the girls, I know you will fall head over heels in love with these date night outfit inspirations…I sure did!!!

To A Movie: 

Pink Off Shoulder Sweater

Night Out on the Town: 

Rozalia Dress

Staying In: 

Only Hearts





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When I posted my teaser on teaming up with Bobux USA Children’s shoes…a lot of my mommy friends and followers were excited to hear more about the brand!  Well these are the next best thing to having your little one barefoot!  As a mom of 2 boys, that are always on the go, it’s my top priority to provide their cute little feet with a healthy, yet stylish, shoe for them to continue proper growth and development!

As soon as I opened the box, I instantly fell in love with the street style look and the ever so soft quality blue/black faux leather material!  What most people don’t realize is, the shoes you put on your children’s feet is just as important as providing them with a healthy diet and daily exercise.   With that said, when I look for the perfect shoe for my kids feet, I first look for the soles of the shoes to be ultra flexible and second style, however Bobux offers that and much more.  The brand goes well above my expectations by creating shoes that recognize the anatomical shape of your ever-changing child’s foot, a natural fit with adjustability, easy on/off, and adequate grip and tread on bottoms for extra stability.  It’s like getting a custom-made shoe for your little ones feet at an affordable price!  I would highly recommend these to all my mommy friends and followers!

Where to Buy:  Bobux USA to see for yourself the great selection of products available for boys and girls.  

Use Tiffany25 at checkout to get 25% off your order!!

Connect With Bobux USA: Like Bobux USA on Facebook, Follow them on Twitter & Instagram & Instagram for all the latest news and promotions.







Designer Christine Adar Ammon is known for designing high-end evening wear, bridals, and custom costumes.  Her pieces are hand crafted of one-of-a-kind breathtaking vintage fabrics with beautiful beadwork, which add a touch of modern glamor to her classic silhouettes.

The collection has hit many runways this 2016 season, Milwaukee Fashion Week, Chicago Fashion Week,  and most recently the 2nd Annual Miracle on the Runway for Charity, which was held at the Astor Hotel in Milwaukee, WI.  Christine’s collection had those watching in pure excitement as her models slayed the runway wearing these feminine, sensual, classic, and glamorous creations.  The collection was a sure stand out as she brought old-Hollywood fashions into today’s fashion world with her historical and vintage flair aesthetics.  Each of her designs are unique and embody individuality, as no 2 pieces are alike!  Can’t wait to see her 2017 designs!

 “Every woman that wears one of my designs carries with her the wisdom of the past, and the excitement of a new experience.”- Christine Adar Ammon

Photography: Hawk Photography

Hair & Makeup: Sabatke Hair & Makeup Transformations & Law Posselt

Tonight is the night!!!  Tonight we find out who the winner of Project Runway Season 15 will be!!!!

For those that have followed, I have had the honor and privilege to be apart of this seasons show covering the looks that walked the runway at NYFW, working with Mikhail Veter, a well-known fashion/runway photographer.  We didn’t have access to who the designs belonged to, but did have front row access to what was put on the runway before it aired

Mikhail and I thought it would be fun to predict and match the aesthetics of the collections to the designers based on what we knew at that time!  That night, the designs that hit the runway looked as though it was 6 different collections, but come to find out it may have been only 4, hence the top 4.  Maybe we will get a surprise tonight, but I am pretty sure that was meant to throw those watching off…and it sure did!  (See Project Runway )

The final 4 have been battling it out for the top spot all season long and all 4 are worthy of the title “WINNER”!  The two women, Laurence Basse and Erin Robertson, continue to have a slight edge over their male counterparts, Rik Villa and Roberti, leading into the “Finale” episode tonight.   The battle is a tough one..but the last one standing tonight will be…..

What are your predictions?  I think it will be between Erin and Rik…with Erin as Winner!

All photography by: Mikhail Veter



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