Book Review: The High Calling of Motherhood

Book Review: The High Calling of Motherhood

Title: The High Calling of Motherhood

Author: Chimene Shipley Dupler

Publisher: Ambassador International

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When I started reading The High Calling of Motherhood, I thought to myself where was this book four years ago, before having my first child?  No one can ever prepare you for this calling of taking on new life that you are completely responsible for!  Everyone always jokes around saying “I wish these kids would have come with an owners manual!”  Well HERE IT IS!   Do know though, Chimene doesn’t tell you how to raise or take care of your children, she simply offers guidance where guidance is needed by encouraging mothers to open their hearts to Christ and to raise children to do the same.  Motherhood is a gift from heaven and a calling that Christ has called upon us!  It’s our jobs to fulfil that obligation!

For me, the hardest thing I have ever done in life was become a mom!  I fell victim to the same traps that Chimene points out in her book and as a result gained insecurities, which ultimately led to my post pardon depression.  This is why I wish I  this book was given to me four years ago.  It may have saved my sanity and I would have looked at motherhood in a complete different way.

Chimene does an amazing job reminding us of our special gift and encourages all mothers to not look outside the home, compare and compete with others, as one should focus on creating memories and world-changers from the lessons given by the perfect parent and perfect child in God the Father and His Son Jesus.

I highly encourage and recommend this book to all moms, new moms and soon to-be moms!  It’s a great outline on what to expect by offering  encouragement all while challenging you to live up to your high calling as a mother.  Motherhood is precious, but holds a huge responsiblity of shaping the hearts and minds of our young that will ultimately impact what our future holds.  Mothers were given the control and power, from God himself, when it comes to our future to mold and raise world-changers that as we know will impact future generations!   Are you up for the challenge?

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