Best of Serbia #NYFW Spring/Summer '17

Best of Serbia #NYFW Spring/Summer '17

14694786_908031719341649_850160533_n The Best of Serbia Fashion Week slayed the runway at the Angel Orensanz Foundation with Art Hearts Fashion on September 14th.  The show kicked off with Sarah Charness playing the violin in a beautiful design by the ever famous Serbian designer Bata Spasovevic. 


The first designer to showcase her new collection was Vesna Milosevic.  Her fashion flair brought a very European fashion feel to the runway.  The collection included beautiful ready to wear cocktails and formal wear gowns made with delicate lace and gorgeous beaded overlays on luxurious fabrics of satin, silk and a finale piece with the body-hugging lurex.   Each design that she put down that runway was breathtaking, classic, sexy, feminine and unique.  She even added a special personal touch to her creations by accessorizing  with her very own handcrafted sophisticated natural material earrings, necklaces and bracelets.   After all, that is what she was first famous for before launching her very succesful ready-to-wear fashions.



The second designer to hit the runway was designer Vasilije Kovacev.  Vasilije is a very well-known Serbian designer that creates both ready-to-wear Men's and Women's fashion.  He brought both concepts to the runway that included beautiful drapping silhouettes with a mixture of fabrics and emblishments to create an exciting runway worthy garment.   His collection was unique, simple, classic, yet had a futurist european feel that celebrated the Serbian Fashion World.   All of his pieces he put down the runway were a great representation and promotion of his country's fashion!

Both designer's collections received a standing ovation for their designs, but Vasilije seemed to be the popular designer of the night, as he was the one to received the loudest cheers and claps.   He may have had a slight advantage by putting  half-naked, very good-looking male models on the runway wearing his creations!  All in all, both designer's collections were amazing and highlights of the week!


All photography by: Mikhail Veter