BOBUX USA ....Healthy & Stylish feet for the kiddos!

BOBUX USA ....Healthy & Stylish feet for the kiddos!

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When I posted my teaser on teaming up with Bobux USA Children's shoes...a lot of my mommy friends and followers were excited to hear more about the brand!  Well these are the next best thing to having your little one barefoot!  As a mom of 2 boys, that are always on the go, it's my top priority to provide their cute little feet with a healthy, yet stylish, shoe for them to continue proper growth and development!

As soon as I opened the box, I instantly fell in love with the street style look and the ever so soft quality blue/black faux leather material!  What most people don't realize is, the shoes you put on your children's feet is just as important as providing them with a healthy diet and daily exercise.   With that said, when I look for the perfect shoe for my kids feet, I first look for the soles of the shoes to be ultra flexible and second style, however Bobux offers that and much more.  The brand goes well above my expectations by creating shoes that recognize the anatomical shape of your ever-changing child's foot, a natural fit with adjustability, easy on/off, and adequate grip and tread on bottoms for extra stability.  It's like getting a custom-made shoe for your little ones feet at an affordable price!  I would highly recommend these to all my mommy friends and followers!

Where to Buy:  Bobux USA to see for yourself the great selection of products available for boys and girls.  

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