Book Review: "Love Him Anyway"

Title: Love Him Anyway-Finding HOPE in the Hardest Places

Author: Abby Banks

Publisher: Ambassador International

Release Date: February 21st 2017 in paperback at all major retailers including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and

Ambassador International blog tour for an awe-inspiring book of hope,  "Love Him Anyway", written by Abby Banks.

This is an incredible story of a little boy named Wyatt, written by his mother Abby.  Abby takes the reader on a real life journey sharing her son's story of going to bed a happy and healthy 7 month old and waking up paralyzed, not by a fall or accident, but by what they later find out was the result of a non-curable rare autoimmune disease that attacked his spinal cord in less than 24 hours period.

"Love Him Anyway" was hard to put down and for that reason I ended up reading the entire book (yes all 225 pages) in one sitting.   Make sure you grab your tissues, you will be shedding tears along with Abby as she gets into great detail about her own personal struggles of the many heartbreaking moments her son endured to the big/small victories her son achieved.   She opens up about her faith and remained faithful even when life seemed unfair.  This was not her plan, this was God's plan, a plan that she reluctantly realized was greater than her own good!

This is A MUST-READ book as it's a great reminder that everyday is a gift and not to take one second for granted, even on your most difficult days!  There will always be a lesson learned and a light shining at the end of the tunnel, even when you don't understand or see it for what it is worth. The Bank's family's struggle and nightmare ends up being a true gift/miracle from God meant to be shared with the world around them and they do just that by "Loving Him Anyways!"   When reading this book you will feel a real connection to this family!!!!

 I highly recommend this read, it's a story that will open your heart up to the wonderful world that surrounds you:  Love harder, give more hugs and say I love you to those that might not hear it enough!

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