Chris March El Paseo #FW17

Chris March El Paseo #FW17


Designer Chris March, a contestant on Season 4 of "Project Runway" and "Project Runway All Stars” is known for his classic and elegant theatrical costumes, that are always making a statement.  He is the master at couture fashion and constructs unique pieces that tell a story and are sure to make the one wearing the creation be the talk of the event.    

The collection Chris March put out on the El Paseo Fashion Week Runway on March 21st seemed to be an ode to, the ever so famous artist, Frida Kahlo!  Though most of the collection was black and beige, there was still a Frida fashion feel with the embroidered dresses, long skirts and corset-style accessories on tops and blouses, all of which reflect Frida's fashion choices that were meant to hid her surgical scars and pain!  

Kahlo's often chose brightly colored, Mexican folk-influences garments that made a bold statement, and Chris March's finale look was just that.  It featured a beautiful brightly bold screen print painting on a flowing silk fabric gown with a stunning romantic red ruffled shoulder cowl.

The standout and statement look that caught everyone's attention was the long lace strapless dress shown with a matching back brace, much like what Frida wore after her severe tram accident.   Chris’s whole collection represented bravery, overcoming tragedy and rising above the pain no matter the situation on is faced with, all while looking fashionably good! 


All photography by: Mikhail Veter