While Storm NIKO shut down all of New York City, Designer David Tupaz heated things up on the runway inside Madison Square Garden, mesmerizing a sold out arena with his Fall/Winter ’17 collection on February 9th with Style Fashion Week.    Nothing was going to stop fashion lovers from seeing the much-anticipated collection, not even a blizzard!  The show must go on...and it did!  Each of David's day-to-night creations that graced the runway were unique, classic, feminine, and eye-catching!   He incorporated bold optical illusions into his collection, which had the power to attract the gaze and put those watching in a visual trance!

Black and white fashion is always right and there is something fascinating about it!   It's clean, simple, figure-flattering, modern, cool, organized, assertive and always a style statement that can be paired with almost anything.   David gave us timeless and beautiful silhouettes of monochrome fashions that will be a true staple in every fashionista's closet.  The high contrast looks put on that runway is hard to put into words,  but I know chic when I see it!

David Tupaz is a shining star and is a sure standout with all of his current and past creations.  You can see his love and passion for fashion in the designs he displays on and off the runway.  Some of his famous clients include  William and Elizabeth Shatner, Alan and Tanya Thicke, Patti Austin, Trisha Simmons, Jane Seymour, Mitzi Kapture, Lisa Rinna, Kris Kardashian Jenner, Etta James, Christine Baranski, Julia Roberts, Goldie Hawn, Kate Hudson, Mariel Hemingway, Rain Pryor, Kelly LeBrock, Bo Derek, Cheryl Ladd, Annette Bening and Tracy Hamilton just to name a few.


All photography by: Mark D. Gunter