Desigual #NYFW Spring/Summer '17

Desigual #NYFW Spring/Summer '17


Desigual, a very popular Spanish brand, showcased their new ready-to-wear Summer/Spring '17 collection at NYFW on September 8th.  The great thing about this brand is that the prices are affordable, comparable to J. Crew, and the level of quality and fashion is truly mind-boggling considering what you get for a great price.

The brand is worldly and embraced the ever so popular social media world, specifically SNAPCHAT, and created a whole new fashion experience that enchanted and inspired those watching.  The collection included beautiful embroidered jackets, crochet tops with denim-like fabrics, knit skirts, unique sweaters, and long dresses with SNAPCHAT inspired makeup and accessories.  Going digital and embracing the ever so popular social media got those watching to pay close attention to details and making these snapchat fashions a MUST-HAVE!

Desigual's runway show proves that social media has taken over the fashion world....and real life Snapchat filters can make you look flawless when wearing this brand!

Five of the models got the Snapchat treatment, wearing the filters you know and love:

The dog filter:


The tiger stripes filter:


The deer filter:

desigual-new-york-fashion-week-0039The bee filter: (Wonder if her voice changed too, like the filter does) 


Golden butterfly crown: 

desigual-new-york-fashion-week-0084Flower crown: 


Desigual new Spring/Summer '17 collection is "Not just clothing, they're experiences." ----Desigual


All photography by: Mikhail Veter