Find Your Seat for Fashion Week

Find Your Seat for Fashion Week

My four Essentials when covering NYFW: My camera, My cell phone (as back-up), a great pair of Sunglasses, and an amazing outfit to walk the red carpet for pictures!   This was my first time covering NYFW in the big city.  I have been to NY many of times, so the big city did not scare me.  In covering NYFW, I had no idea what to expect, but as long as I had my  essentials I would be good to go! My fashion forward sunglasses  that everyone is raving about were provided by Lynne Diamante, the creator and designer of blueLOVE.  She is a well-known fashion expert and CEO of OPTX, one of the country’s leading retailers of luxury eyewear. In addition, she is my Mrs. United States sister queen and  star of the Bravo TV reality series “Game of Crowns.”  The ones I am wearing are a special edition and were released specifically for the Miss Universe Pageant!   Seriously these are a MUST-HAVE!   Check out her other styles with the link provided!


STYLE: Oversize"DramaQUEEN" in Teal (Also Available in Black)

To purchase these Sunglasses: Blue Love Forever Sunglasses

When choosing my outfits to cover the shows I was very particular.   One of my favorite outfits, which is featured in this write-up, was something that actually had to be special made.  It was a vision in my head that I knew Nicole from Seamingly Sisters Couture could create.  I sent her over my idea and sure enough she nailed it.  She created exactly what I was envisioning myself to wear when covering the NYFW.  I want to point- out that when creating looks for someone with a vision, it can be hard to know exactly what they are thinking and or wanting, but Nicole had no problem making this vision come alive.



Photo credit: Paul Walker @shootmenycmodels

 To purchase the Black & White Pencil Skirt & Off The Shoulder White Top: Seamingly Sister Couture

Black Pumps: Stuart Weitzman

After attending numerous shows during NYFW, I have learned that when choosing fashion, do not be afraid to express yourself....this should be your celebration of creativity!