Foxbait #Stylefw #LAFW Fall/Winter ’16

Foxbait #Stylefw #LAFW Fall/Winter ’16

Fox1LogoStyleFoxbait brand showcased the new Fall/Winter '16 collection with Style Fashion Week at Pacific Design Center on March 18th.  Foxbait is a Los Angeles based woman's wear brand that is known for their high-end, yet comfortable contemporary wear. They specialize in leather, dresses, skirts, blouses, outerwear and arm accessories.

The collection that hit the runway was filled with glamorous, feminine, edgy, and classy "walk off the runway" looks.  The models strutted their stuff revealing a perfect mix of laid-back modern sophistication and bad girl grunge by modeling classic white blouses, plaid patterns with ripped leggings, warm layers of wool, and brightly colored rain boots.  The unique pieces in the collection were high quality, high-fashion functional wear that will not compromise comfort, but guarantee to make a bold, yet edgy polished fashion statement.

This brand is for the trend-setters and fashion lovers  that are not afraid to share their creativity and bold style statements with the world!    

 Photography Credit: Celebrity & Fashion Photographer Mark Gunter