Free to Express  

The blogging world has been and is a fascinating world to me.  I am learning slowly, but surly what it all entails.   It's a world where you are able to gather ideas, tips, and learn so much about a person that you become inspired to share your own story.  I have wanted to start a blog for some time now, but for some reason I just kept putting it off.  I knew it was something that I could do, but wasn't sure if it would be worthy enough to gain a following and become an inspiration to the world like other big name bloggers.

About a month ago,  I had come across a fashion blog by Contessa Francesca Di Parma.   This wasn't your typical fashion blog, this blog featured Francesca's personal style and was clearly written from the heart.  Plus it was a fun read and you can see his passion for fashion the moment you read the first sentence.  I instantly connected and couldn't wait to read the next post.

After reading a couple of Francesca's blogs, I had finally realized that I needed to follow my heart and be free to start the blog that I have always wanted to do.   It seems very fitting that the meaning of the name Francesca is free.  Free to express.   Francesca's blog inspired me to practice my fear and not worry about what others may think.   I needed to start my blog, do what it was I wanted to do, open my heart and share my world in hopes of becoming an inspiration.

If not today....when?   Francesca's blog was my wake up call and my inspiration to be "Free".  Free to express me, share my family, my passion for fashion, my inspirations, and of course my favorite beauty products and tips.   I look forward to gaining your following and I hope that I inspire you in some way.

I will leave you with this....Practice your fear and do one thing that you have put off because you were unsure of the outcome!  Be a Francesca, be free to Express YOU!


You can read Contessa Francesca Di Parma Blog Here: