Happy Easter-DIY Candy Bracelets! Part 2

Happy Easter-DIY Candy Bracelets! Part 2

Every year we decorate and color eggs for Easter, so I thought it be fun to add in another fun project with our tradition...DYI Candy bracelets! 

My love for candy goes further then just eating it.  I also see the fashion and artistic side of it, so I thought why not make a fashion statement and share it with you. The colors, the textures and the sweet smell of candy reminded me of all the happy times in my childhood.  It took me back to those days when I use to wear  (eat of course) the candy bracelets, necklaces and my all time favorite the ring pop.  I wanted to re-create a more stylish version of this classic confection and include the kids.

This little project was a HUGE hit with the kids.  It was super simple and the kids really enjoyed creating something that they could wear and eat.  Next time you're looking for a sweet fashionable gift idea, project or a fun little DIY project with the kids, try making candy bracelets.   I think they turned out really cute, if I do say so myself!


I absolutely love them stacked on one wrist together! It creates a more bold statement.  However, the trick is to see how long your statement can last before you have to the urge to take a bite.  

Here’s What You Will Need:

  • A selection of gummy candies (or other treats soft enough to thread a needle through)
  • Needle (Used a soft rounded needle with the kids, nothing sharp)
  • Elastic cord

What To Do:

All you have to do is string your candy in a pattern or use at random.  The needles did get very sticky as they were not sharp, so take your time and be gentle when pulling the candy through the needle part.

What do you think about our Candy bracelets?  Would love to hear from you and if and if you do end doing this project, please share your designs!