Happy Easter-Easter Basket Fun For Kids Part 3

Happy Easter-Easter Basket Fun For Kids Part 3

This year, Maks was the perfect age to do something more fun with his Easter Basket.  I wanted it to be a challenge, yet fun and educational.  Once again, my bestie and I had come up with a great idea while we were decorating eggs and making candy bracelets.  This is seriously PINTEREST-worthy!    There are similar ideas, but nothing exactly like it, so we are excited to share with you and be the first to do this!  Plus it's SUPER SIMPLE and trust me the kids will LOVE IT!

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Here’s What You Will Need:

  • Kids Puzzle
  • Lunch Box or little basket to collect the eggs around the house
  • Colored Sharpies
  • Plastic Easter Eggs
  • Small Candy
  • Easter Basket (Of course)

What To Do:

  • Put the puzzle together with backside up (White part showing)
  • Once flipped over, use the different colored sharpies to create the map of your house and path you want your child to make before he/she is to find the basket
  • Fill the plastic easter eggs with the candy and/or the puzzle pieces if they fit.  If they should not fit, I suggest putting the puzzle pieces with the egg when hiding them around the house
  • Hide the little eggs around the house for the child to find the puzzle pieces.
  • Hide the Easter Basket (X Marks the Spot)
  • Once all pieces of the puzzle are collected they will have the map to find the Easter Basket

Make this educational by adding your own age appropriate ideas to your map.   My friend used spanish for her son Carter, while I used every day words to help Maks identify the words of each object and/or piece of furniture in our house.