Love Is In The Air!

With Valentines just around the corner (Tomorrow at that) I decided to post what I love!

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1. My best friend, my husband and the father of my children, Robert.

2. My 2 beautiful children (3 Year old Maksimilian & 10 month old Alexander)

3. The quote that was apart of our marriage vows:

4. All time favorite LOVE movie: Dirty Dancing (Watched it over a million times and counting)

5. I love pizza, but love it even more when its made from the heart, shaped like a heart:

6. My all time guilty pleasure: Peanut Butter M & M's (I can seriously eat an entire party size bag)

7. DIY Pucker Up Valentines Day Cards:

8. I never understood the saying "No White after Labor Day."  I love wearing Winter White even after labor day! Nothing wrong with breaking the rules.

9. Baby it's Cold Outside: So why not wear a pale pink coat!!!  Love and a must have for those in the cold climates!