Malan Breton kicked off Style Fashion Week with a bang on February 9th, at Madison Square Garden, setting a romantic tone with live performances showcasing his Fall/Winter '17 couture collection, all while paying tribute to America's trying times.

The runway show opened with an interracial couple, a gay couple and a lesbian couple ballroom dancing to a beautiful romantic song.  Following the performance, famous model Nykhor, a refugee from Sudan, opened the show wearing a showstopper, silver, off-the-shoulder, long-sleeve, shimmering gown!  Jaws dropped as she gracefully sparkled on by, down the runway!    Those watching were thinking how can Malan top this with the rest of his collection, still yet to hit the runway?  Let's just say, he didn't disappoint!

The male and female models slayed the runway in everything black, grey, silver and sepia colors that were unique and not expected, as Malan is known for sparking our interest with his use of bold colors when creating his masterpieces.  Malan's whole purpose of the collection was to let those wearing the pieces be the light and bring color to the runway!  The pieces in the collection represented hope symbolizing acceptance of diversity and giving all women a platform to have their voices be heard!   All in all, a killer performance and collection!

Model Mason Grammer modeling Malan Breton fashions on Runway for Style Fashion Week at Madison Square Garden

 "Wherever you go — shine!" - Malan Breton


All photography by: Mark D. Gunter

Producer: Style Fashion Week