Molinis-Pump Up Your Heels

Molinis-Pump Up Your Heels

I am excited to share with you this fashion must have!   I am the first to own a pair, well two, in the United States. 

We can all agree that one could never own too many pairs of shoes.  Dutch Fashion Designer Esther Megens, from the Netherlands, took that concept to a whole nother level creating Molinis, accessories made to pump up your existing heel collection.   After years of developing these unique designs, her creations have gone global and now can be purchased here in the United States on  

Molinis are specifically made for women who love shoes, allowing them to create many different looks with their existing heels, never limiting them to just one look.   No need to pack 50 different styles of shoes while traveling, Molinis has you covered and take up much less room!   

Molinis not only look fashionable, they are also super comfortable.  They fit perfectly around the ankle, making your legs look longer and leaner, all while staying in place, not slipping off.   You can literally run and jump and have ease of mind that they are not going anywhere!  

They are made of luxurious vegan leather and delivered to your door in a beautiful box.  Who wouldn’t want that? 

These beauties have been seen on many famous runways during New York Fashion Week and Los Angeles Fashion Week. 

Where to purchase Molinis:

There are many different styles available on  Links can be found below: 




Photography: Visata Rupeika, Danny Chin Photography, FX Magazine

Clothing Designs: House of Byfield 

Event: New York Fashion Week - Art Hearts Fashion