Nathalia Jmag #NYFW Project Runway SS '17

Nathalia Jmag #NYFW Project Runway SS '17


The forth collection that hit the NYFW runway for Project Runway's FINALE SHOW at The Arc is believed to be Nathalia Jmag.   We believe this to be her collection because throughout the show she has been the designer to think more outside the box when it comes to designing her garments.  She tends to create more high-end, high-fashion Avant-Garde pieces, as that is what she deems as her biggest strength as a designer.

She creates wow factor garments and the collection she put down the Project Runway's FINALE SHOW is no different.  She beautifully married asymmetrical lines with geometric patterns using her signature aesthetic of brightly colored luminescent textiles and shiny vinyl fabrics mixed in with some soft blues.  Her looks are more futuristic, yet in the now.

It is surprising though she created a gown for her FINALE collection.  Her claim to fame is creating separates and prefers to do so.   Maybe this was to throw the viewers off?   Or maybe she took on the challenge to show the judges she was capable to do more than her usual.



All photography by: Mikhail Veter