Project Runway Season Finale 15 TONIGHT

Project Runway Season Finale 15 TONIGHT

Tonight is the night!!!  Tonight we find out who the winner of Project Runway Season 15 will be!!!!

For those that have followed, I have had the honor and privilege to be apart of this seasons show covering the looks that walked the runway at NYFW, working with Mikhail Veter, a well-known fashion/runway photographer.  We didn't have access to who the designs belonged to, but did have front row access to what was put on the runway before it aired

Mikhail and I thought it would be fun to predict and match the aesthetics of the collections to the designers based on what we knew at that time!  That night, the designs that hit the runway looked as though it was 6 different collections, but come to find out it may have been only 4, hence the top 4.  Maybe we will get a surprise tonight, but I am pretty sure that was meant to throw those watching off...and it sure did!  (See Project Runway )

The final 4 have been battling it out for the top spot all season long and all 4 are worthy of the title "WINNER"!  The two women, Laurence Basse and Erin Robertson, continue to have a slight edge over their male counterparts, Rik Villa and Roberti, leading into the "Finale" episode tonight.   The battle is a tough one..but the last one standing tonight will be.....

What are your predictions?  I think it will be between Erin and Rik...with Erin as Winner!

All photography by: Mikhail Veter