Sarah Lauren #MKEFW Spring/Summer '17

Sarah Lauren #MKEFW Spring/Summer '17


Sarah Lauren showcased her new collection entitled "Sailing Stones" during Milwaukee Fashion Week at the Hyatt Regency on September 24th.   Sarah is a recent graduate from the University of Wisconsin Madison as well as the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.  She currently resides in New York building her brand for  Sarah Lauren Fashion  and she is off to a great start.

Her collection displayed on this year's runway was inspired by Sailing stones, which refers to the sliding rocks in Death Valley, a mystery and geological phenomenon where rocks are able to move and inscribe long tracks along the smooth valley floor without any intervention of any kind.  Woman tend to have difficulty dressing themselves with complicated garments that have back zippers and/or buttons, but Sarah's new collection provides the same concept of Sailing stones.  She designed a womans' dream wardrobe of high fashion functional wear that highlights independence and gives the wearer complete control of getting in/out of a fashionable garment.   Every model was able to dress her self without any fuss or dreadfully asking the model next to her  'can you zip me up?'

The pieces that made its way on the runway were soft, striking, classic and had an organic feel.  The entire collection truly celebrated a woman's femininity all while still being high fashion.  Her masterpieces displayed beautiful neutral colors of soft whites and powder blues with amazing 3D textures made of luxurious silks.  As each model walked out, you heard the crowd gasp and saw jaws drop.  Sarah left those watching wanting more!


All photography by:  Bjorn Nasett (FashionFarmBoy)

Hair: Gemma Fitzsimmons

Stone Look Makeup: Stephanie CaspersonGlinda D, & Alex Chili Jankowski